Chemical solutions

EUROPIZZI S.r.l. Textile Auxiliary Division can provide solutions to meet all needs with a wide range of specific chemical products for several fields of application.

Shortly before celebrating 30-years of business, the company’s technical, professional and practical experience are the core ingredients to achieve Customer satisfaction.

Team work as well as a complete, yet simple internal organisation managed in compliance with quality standards are, for EUROPIZZI S.r.l. Textile Auxiliary Division, precious resources to accomplish continuous improvement and promptness to fulfil the Customers’ needs.


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Special Products

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and warehouse storage phases

Thanks to continuous investments EUROPIZZI S.r.l. Textile Auxiliary Division boasts high quality systems and machinery. Our production department today can count a reactor park, in stainless steel or enamelled, with volumes ranging from 2,500 up to 11,000 liters, mixers from 500 up to 20,000 liters, dedicated neutralizers, storage tanks for raw materials and finished products and a last-generation filter press.

The main chemical reactions carried out are:

  • Polymers of various kinds
  • Esterifications at low and high temperatures (up to 230 ° C) in an inert environment (nitrogen)
  • Amidations
  • Transesterifications
  • Sulfonations
  • Quaternations (reactions with monochloroacetic acid)

EUROPIZZI S.r.l. Textile Auxiliary Division has an internal warehouse of 1,200 square meters and an outer area of ​​1,000 square meters for the storage of raw materials and finished products, according to dedicated areas.

Available we find a hot cell for the maintenance or the fusion of particular types of products.

laboratory and research

EUROPIZZI S.r.l. Textile Auxiliary Division has a Quality Control laboratory where analyzes are performed to verify conformity according to the specifications of raw materials and finished products.

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Qualified personnel works every day to develop innovative products


Quality standards certified by UNI EN ISO 9001:2015


Our laboratory Team strive day-by-day to meet the Customers’ demands.


Raw materials and finished products kept under control with regards to REACH Regulations


EUROPIZZI S.r.l. Textile Auxiliary Division operates according to a quality standard certified by the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

The Regulatory Office monitors the national and international directives and regulations, collaborating both internally and with the Customer to communicate the conformity and the controlled use of our finished products.

The raw materials and finished products of EUROPIZZI S.r.l. Textile Auxiliary Division are monitored and kept under constant control with regard to the REACH Regulation. The Safety Data Sheets are the official documents for data transmission and transparency with the Customer.

Recently EUROPIZZI S.r.l. Textile Auxiliary Division has obtained the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Certificate for some of its finished products and the list of certified products is constantly growing due to customer requests.

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