New GOTS Certification for Europizzi

Published on 12 October 2017

EUROPIZZI S.r.l. has passed the in-depth inspection of the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) auditors with flying colours, aimed at ensuring that the ennobling operations and the marketed Chemical Products are fully-compliant to standards and certified.

In detail, the certification procedure is divided into 3 stages:

  • An initial evaluation of the products and the production process that foresees, among other things, the assessment of the composition of the products for which the certification was requested, as well as the compliance of the organic raw materials and suppliers and the suitability of the chemical products used in the specific manufacturing processes
  • The internal audit, which is aimed at ascertaining: the actual compliance of the products to the GOTS criteria; the proper organisation and management of manufacturing processes and internal procedures that are likely to jeopardise the compliance of the product itself with the requirements defined by the standard; the compliance of the pertinent environmental and social criteria.
  • The issuing of the Certificate of Conformity based on the information and data collected during the assessment and inspection process.

EUROPIZZI S.r.l. has had to tackle different yet parallel paths, given its two characterising divisions.

Today, the Dyeing and Finishing Department presents its GOTS Certification regarding the textile ennobling of natural fabrics, more specifically, concerning the relative pre-treating, dyeing and finishing operations.

While, the Textile Auxiliary Division obtained the GOTS Certification where we can find the list of manufactured, used and sold Chemical Products.

This provides an additional guarantee of the quality proving that EUROPIZZI S.r.l. always pays painstaking attention to the pre-requisites dictated by sector-related standards and legislation currently in force.

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