Textile: Knitted Fabrics

EUROPIZZI S.r.l. is specialised in the dyeing and finishing of artificial and synthetic open-width and natural fibre rope knitted fabrics, and has the possibility of providing an extremely wide range of finishings according to the intended use of the fabric.

The Knitwear Dyeing department makes it possible to dye different fabric sizes, ranging between 10×10 lab dips to a 5 metre-width, with an extremely high variability of the batch sizes.

Many years of experience combined with the restructuring of the internal organisation that has taken place over recent years, have made it possible to achieve important results as regards the quality of our manufacturing processes. The improvement of the technical item data sheets as well as the reviewing of operating procedures have enabled the raising of the standard of quality and the reproducibility of the manufacturing processes themselves. The results are widely recognised and appreciated by our Customers.

Production process and technologies

We have machinery including:
Napping machines, carbon and ceramic brushing machines, shearing machines, Sanfor-type compactors, continuous decanting machines, continuous Tubang-type tumblers, vaporising, singeing and dry-cleaning units.

quality and tests

Our dyeing laboratory and quality control departments can meet the demands of colour sampling on fibres and items and carry out stability/solidity tests relating to the specific requirements defined by the Oeko-Tex Standard 100.