textile: Shuttle-woven fabrics

Moreover, EUROPIZZI S.r.l., that is specialised in knitted and warp-knit fabrics also has complete operational lines relating to the treatment of orthogonal cotton and blended fabrics, ranging between lightweight fabrics for shirt manufacturing and heavier weight fabrics to produce trousers and outerwear.

The line includes double-jet singeing, bleaching, cylinder mercerising operations, washing lines, Sanfor-type compactors and calandering machines.

Continuous dyeing takes place using the pad-batch method, discontinuous dyeing is carried out using jigger machines and pigments.

The ennobling process is completed by carrying out both chemical and physical finishing operations. Emery paper, as well as carbon and ceramic grinding machines, continuous tumblers, brushing and shearing machines are also available.

A line for resin-reinforcing operations has recently been installed to obtain specific effects on the fabric, increasingly more requested by today’s market.

Production process and technologies

There is a complete line to carry out singeing, bleaching, cylinder mercerising, continuous and discontinuous dyeing operations. Resin spreading and brushing machines, grinding machines, napping and shearing machines, continuous tumblers, Sanfor-type compactors and glossy-finish calandering machines.

quality and tests

Our dyeing laboratory and quality control departments can meet the demands of colour sampling on fibres and items and carry out stability/solidity tests relating to the specific requirements defined by the Oeko-Tex Standard 100.